Knobs Outside

Knobs ‘N Knockers on Main Street in Bethlehem Offers Endless Possibilities

By Samntha Riley

With a store named Knobs ‘N Knockers, I had an idea of what I was in for, but I couldn’t be too sure before walking through the doors. As the name so cleverly suggests, their store consisted of mostly, well, doorknobs and knockers.

From the moment you walk in, you’ll see walls covered almost entirely with a wide selection of different style knobs for drawers and doors. The series of gemstone knobs especially caught my eye and inspired me to begin imagining the type of design scheme I might consider when designing my own space.

Aisles of door and drawer handles run throughout the center of the showroom which only further immerse you into the world of interior design. The possibilities are endless and their selection at Knobs ‘N Knockers are sure to tend to any and everyone’s tastes.

The door knockers they showcase inside of their shop made me realize that the possibilities for a doorknocker are endless and can definitely go beyond the standard ring-shaped knocker. From flip-flops, pineapples, and birds to acorns, flowers, and even American flags, their knocker selection allows customers to choose from one of many decorative and discreet, yet functionable door-knockers for any home. Knobs ‘N Knockers works with local manufacturers and blacksmiths to create unique and one of a kind products and have locksmiths available to tend to any customer’s needs in regard to safety and functionality of their products.

Outside of knobs and knockers, their showroom also features other decorative and functional items to add flair to the interior and exterior of your home. Mailboxes, windchimes, spickets, and a wall full of decorative outlet covers are only a fraction of the pieces available. Towards the front of the store, they also offer smaller items suitable for gifts like bottle openers, center pieces, and coasters.

Knobs ‘N Knockers changes the game of standard and generic home accessory market. Located right on Main Street, Bethlehem, it’s easily accessible to those in Downtown Bethlehem or to anyone making their way through town (and it’s across the street from Lofts on Main).

When reimagining your home decor, Knobs ‘N Knockers is a great place to visit for inspiration and help designing the perfect space to fit your needs.