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Bethlehem Pennsylvania’s Colonial Industrial Quarter

Tucked just off Main Street in historic Downtown Bethlehem sits one of America’s earliest industrial parks– the Colonial Industrial Quarter. The Industrial Quarter sits on 10 acres of land located along the Monocacy Creek and features various historical buildings and ruins built by the Moravians dating as far back as the 1700s. Most of the buildings located here were once workshops where the Moravians would produce many of their fine crafts and commodities.

With help from the Monocacy, the Moravians were able to utilize waterpower to help produce such items faster and easier than before, making this large plot of land the perfect location for these workshops. Outside of each historic building is a placard that details what the building was back in Colonial times, and how it changed over time, making a visit to the Industrial Quarter not only fun, but educational as well.

A visitor favorite and one of the most interactive sites at the Quarter which you can visit is the Reconstructed 1750/1761 Smithy. The Smithy is a historically accurate recreation of the original Moravian Smithy from 1750. Here, you’ll get to experience the craft of blacksmithing from a truly historic perspective.

The extensive records that the Moravians left behind were enough to allow the Historic Bethlehem Society to recreate a nearly accurate representation of what the craft was like back in Colonial times. The Smithy currently offers tours by appointment, and even 3-hour long blacksmithing classes for $110 per student.

The Smithy sits just left of the Hotel Bethlehem and is the perfect place to stop into during your next visit to the Historical Bethlehem area– especially for you history buffs!Today, you can visit the Quarter anytime and check out what this historical area has to offer (for free!). The site features a paved walking path that runs along the Monocacy, park benches and picnic tables for you and your company to enjoy, and of course the historical buildings like the 1869 Luckenbach Mill, the 1762 Waterworks,

The Springhouse, and more that you can easily access via the Ohio Road after a day shopping and eating on Main Street. For more information and to set up a guided tour of the Colonial Industrial Quarter, visit the Historic Bethlehem Visitor Center at or call 1.800.360.TOUR.