Introducing: Dr. & Sir’s Perfect Bed System

The story of how a perfect sleep system was created

Both Mary Ellen and Jay have traveled extensively through the United States and Europe and for business, Jay spent 40 years on the road, lodging in a myriad of hotels in every state in the Union. One of the ongoing disappointments they encounter during their travels is lackluster bedding — even in fine hotels, it always left them quite dissatisfied, if not a bit groggy in the morning. As for Jay, he has been known to call the front desk at the Four Seasons to note the poor quality of the linens, mattress or pillows.

After experimenting in their own home, Jay and Mary Ellen finally arrived at what they believe to be the “perfect bed” system. First, they began their search for the ultimate mattress by purchasing the Westin Dream Bed system. They were pleased. However, they wondered if they could make it even better.

They knew they wanted a firm mattress, but to create a true sleep sanctuary for their guests, they needed to find the finest feather bed top, says Jay, noting the Westin Hotel and Sealy brands had fit the bill with firmness and comfort. However, since the most important aspect of a mattress is the topper, they continued to search, and found Restoration Hardware’s European Down Mattress Pad, which brings an “incredible “sleep experience to all Dr. & Sir Airbnb lodgings.

When it comes to bed linens, Dr. & Sir LLC demands the finest for guests. Whereas some hotel quality linens may tote a 200 thread count, at Dr. & Sir, all bed linens reach over 400 to 600 threads per square inch.

A sumptuous downy duvet on top of the slumber system is nice, but adding a cashmere blanket brings warmth and additional sleep option for guests. Use alone in place of duvet, or with duvet, or any luxurious combination.

Finding the perfect pillow is always the cherry on the cake of a sweet dream. Mary Ellen and Jay know hotel pillows can disappoint, so they continued to search and they discovered Restoration Hardware’s European down pillows. Close to perfect. However, Jay is rarely satisfied. So many pillows, so many preferences, therefore, Dr. & Sir added a Pillow Closet to the J.L. Mott Mansion, Chandler House, and Christmas City Mansion. The Pillow Closet provides endless choices, from alternative non-down pillows, to blue tooth pillows, cool sleep pillows, and even the revolutionary Domus pillow. Guests are encouraged to find their perfect pillow in case the one on the bed just won’t do.

Finally, a handmade chocolate shaped in Moravian Star motif, from The Chocolate Lab, of Historic Main Street, Bethlehem, is placed on every pillow.

Such searching and experimentation led to creating the Dr. & Sir Perfect Bed, and Mary Ellen and Jay also ensure all lodgings are maintained in a manner of fine “hotel clean” at all times. They hold the same standard for their own home as they do for guests staying in their Airbnb accommodations, sparing no expense to ensure they maintain their five star rating. Sweet dreams.