Luxury Dr. & Sir Accommodations Now Offer Guests Chic Vintage Transport: A Chauffeur-Driven 1939 Packard

At Dr. & Sir LLC, in Bethlehem, Pa, we believe in legendary luxury, and among the amenities at our five-star Airbnb properties is the chance to be transported back in time in one of the finest automobiles ever produced, a custom 1939 Packard.

Plan to arrive at your destination in unhurried, elegant automotive fashion. You’ll be steeped in luxury as you step out of this rare 12-cylinder touring cabriolet. It has all the details favored by pre–World War II industrialists, celebrities and even President Roosevelt, and will be driven to your door by a private chauffeur.

0ne of two cars of this style produced in 1939, this Packard features a custom coach crafted by Brunn & Co. of Buffalo, New York. From the Buffalo shop, the car was shipped to a noted Packard dealer in Wilshire, California, where Adolph Spreckles Jr., heir to the Spreckles Sugar Company and an infamous playboy of the time, became its first owner. Reports are that it was Spreckles who had the car equipped with a rear-mounted radio with right-hand-rear-armrest controls. Evidently, the playboy was anxious to keep up with what the press was reporting about his antics, preferring to ride with the landaulet top folded down so that he could “be seen” as he was chauffeured around Southern California.

Before arriving at Dr. & Sir, the exceptional auto traveled to new owners in Washington State, Arizona and Texas before returning to California in 2009. Throughout, it retained its dual Trippe driving lamps, Packard Cormorant mascot, and rear rack to supplement the built-in trunk. At some point, it underwent the restoration it wears today. Other luxurious details include the de rigeur enclosed front area for the driver, divider window for occupants, and Landaulet-style rear-opening treatment.

One of the last of its kind that custom coach maker Brunn & Co ever produced, we are confident that this unique luxury automobile will complement your stay and travels in the Lehigh Valley.