Explore The City Through Historic Bethlehem Museums And Sites

Explore the City Through Historic Bethlehem Museums and Sites

The Historic Bethlehem Partnership, Inc. also known as Historic Bethlehem Museums & Sites is a nonprofit organization founded in 1993 that serves to protect and maintain local museums and historic sites. Among the 20 historical sites and buildings maintained by the HBMS are the 1748/1848 Burnside Plantation, The Colonial Industrial Quarter, The 1810 Goundie House, and more.

A Smithsonian Affiliate member, HBMS is among 180 affiliates which also grants members of HBMS to purchase a Smithsonian Membership for a fraction of the cost. Members of the HBMS allows you to help care for local 18th century buildings, help develop online and in-person events, and support their expansive library and artifact collections. For more information about becoming an HBMS member, visit their website here.

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